Women Security



In 2003 a law was passed stating that there had to be a female member of the security team on an A3 licence (a licence that allows the selling and consumption of alcohol in the UK). Due to the lack of female security in the industry, club security became one of the few industries that typically pay women more than men.

The project aims to explore the behavioural dangers of alcohol and to hear the stories of these women.

Interviews with the women



Most scary for me is the guys who hit their women.
I was radioed to the middle of the dance floor cause some guy was laying into his misses. Can’t think what was happen- ing at home if he’s prepared to do that shit in public. -

They came back in a gang of about 35. ...They cut 5 of us on that night... we called to shut down. The other security from the street ran to help pull three guys

off my mate who was having his
leg slammed in the metal doors. They shattered the bone in his thigh.


I heard the screech as the
the guy in the cars slammed on his brakes, the car swerved smashing through the window of the cafe opposite. She was high as a fucking kite. Just walked out like a fucking dickhead, didn’t fucking look. That’s what the booze does, don’t get me wrong I like a drink, but it makes you fucking stupid. She can’t walk now.


People don’t realise how fucking mean and nasty the world can get when it's got a drink inside him. We stand there and the dregs of the universe are out on the piss, now we are on our own...if the realised how’d it can be and that we were the only ones there, they would be shocked’


Blood everywhere. Comes with the territory...but this was a lot...some girl just flipped, smashed a bottle, started stabbing her in the face, her eye was torn. Yeah, it makes me question my job. But least I’m here. .protecting. We’ve all got each other's backs, we know that.


​Its when they flare up like some jumped up peacock on steroids. Start pushing out there chest. That’s the time. It’s that time that you control them...the booze is in charge then, you have to remind them of there place.

Martha Pryke - Communication Design