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Speculative objects to create a conversation around porn, touch, exploration and biohacking

The sex-positive movement is a social movement and philosophical movement that promotes and embraces sexuality and sexual expression, with an emphasis on safe and consensual sex'

-The sex industry is the most profitable industry in the world bringing in over $13 billion per year
-1 in 10 boys under the age of 12 in the UK watch porn on a regular bases 

-28% of the internet is porn or porn related
-The majority (88.2%) of the highest ranking porn movies includes violence applied by the male actor. 

My work started by looking at how our sex lives have changed with the development of technology. An exciting prospect. As my research progressed i started discovering knowledge about the positives and negatives of the porn industry, its use in education and its role in our society. Sex is fundamental to the human race, what happens when big business gets involved. I think there should be no moral distinctions of the sexual desired of consenting adults, although i understand consent is a discussion in itself. I think porn is part of that, it can be a journey of discovery or just a quick way to pleasure. But i think there is room for discussion about the effect it may have on the next generation. Balance is my solution. Putting work out there to promotes heathy, open and honest sex. My work is about touch. About physical exploration and fun. 

Inspired by human hackers who physically develop their own bodies with technology. I decided to morph my own hand into a design for pleasure. Provoking thought about the future of the physical relationship between machine and humanity. 

I wanted the latex gloves to be strange but arousing. I want them to provoke conversation about sex and our bodies. I want them to be fun.