What is it that makes us a human with the development of machines accelerating at an unprecedented rate? What if a human is 55% machine? If it is the conscience that makes us human then what does that mean for AI which is technically the recreation of the human brain..where does that leave us morally?

This is a response to a Youtube video called 'Everything a Boston Dynamic robot get abused' using speculative design I created fake scenarios. 

This was my favourite project. I really enjoyed the process and
am incredibly excited by the ideas behind it. As a designer one of the main topics I focus on is the relationship between humans and machines. How it affects our cultures, societies and behaviour. The unpredictable side effects of dominating technologies and the phenomenally creative ideas that put them there. I’m fascinated by how our future is going to play out. I find it particularly exciting that the possibilities are only ever an idea away. What can we do and where can we go with the tech being produced. This is so exciting and many previous projects have been based around creating

a dialect that might disturb that. However, these projects was based around the ethics. In 2017 Saudi Arabian they gave a robot named Sophia citizenship, giving it more rights than some women in the country. This made me think about that right will become as AI develops from and idea to our reality.