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Intro scene - Instructional video

Designing an intro scene + interactive scene in Ottifox. Upload to Glitch, embed to website + test in head-mounted display.

Interactive scene - Instructional video

Context for user:

This VR would be used while walking in the physical world in any environment that has vegetation, such as a city park or space in the countryside. The user would be able to enter the program through the intro scene depending on what they would like to forage for. The program would then be able to identify the plants, mushrooms, seaweed ect. The user would walk around and be able to find knowledge for food, medicine etc in the environments around them. 

Intro scene 

Interactive scene 


While writing about this project I felt like I got carried away with learning about Ottifox/Glitch/VR/AR by experimenting with lots of movement and model. I feel like the end result doesn't really represent how I wanted the project to work. 

So I have added this very basic scene - it needs a lot of development but it is a better prototype for the voice of the Digital Tribal Knowledge project.


Embedded - I'm still working on being able to make the pieces of information change from 0 opacity to 1 opacity when the mushroom is clicked as in the instructional video

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