Experience for glasses


Top idea in sketches - Digital tribal knowledge

Digital tribal knowledge - Historical and generational secrets passed down through ages updated to next-generation AR glasses. 


Foraging - Passing down knowledge from our ancestors traditionally communicated through storytelling and word of mouth. As society and technology develop tribal knowledge such as foraging for food is lost. I propose using AR/VR to bring back to life this type of vital knowledge of humanity. One of the ways to do this would be to attach information to food growing in the wild such as mushrooms. The idea would be to use AR to check the food is safe/info such as seasons for produce and how to cook.

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Application ideas -

Knowledge is power - Prison. A way for a child to see there parents' life in prison and away for a parent in prison to still be part of the child's life. Rehabilitation. Create empathy and helps build/rebuild the relationship. Help damage control for the child.


Art - Reflects society and human condition, expression, can have art everywhere would make world look absolutely incredible/expressive/connective and ideally encourage empathy.

Activism - Ways of disrupting: No Permission. Public spaces. Walking through meat farms. Prisons. Documentaries. Taking people to places they can’t go. Graffiti/statues/public places of art to share ideas/workshops/training.


Layers - Creating a new layer over our world


Entertainment - Adult entertainment (read: porn) watching sports, can be involved with the action in a new way without actually being there.

Community - Way of connecting, part of online apps that allow you to see each others work 


THINK ABOUT: Taking away roles and rules - No permission needed to exist in the physical/digital public realm 


Design - Making products such as trainers, pitching fit-out of buildings to clients - allow the client to see the design in a real-time scenario 


Service industry - Two different types interacting: there is oneside the server sees and one side the customer sees, ability for server to see how much alcohol someone has drunk, ability for customer to order from device   


Politics - Have your say, we have a problem with most of the population in the UK having no say/a way for there voice to be seen/heard, how do we change that? One of the problems about voicing your option online is algorithms, speaking to your reflection/people who think the same. How do we move forward. Interact. Integrate. Mix. Enter the unknown. AR can communicate with people you walk past.


Information - What do we need to know? What information is useful? News.


Activism - Graffiti the city 


Alleges - Info on food, warnings


Storytelling - Visual effects when taking like the way emojis are used in text, allows people to express themselves in a new way when talking face to face


Visiting places in history - Walk people through events 


Replicate interactions in a controlled environment - Cases in court, recreating scenes 


Making bikes safer on the road - Awareness - could make bikes have huge arrow on top so drivers can see them better


A place to keep memories - Leaving them there

A way for less able people to get around and see people - Older generation to help in the struggle against lonelyness when a partner dies. 


Caving - Part of the world no one will see, my brother goes caving and has been to parts of the planet that supposedly no one has ever been. Would be fantastic to be able to show people these parts of the world


Safety - VR can be used for lots of ways to make the world safer such as making a bike more visible on the road to a driver. This would be useful if we were all installed with bio-electronic screens over renters, however, we will probably have driverless cars before that happens. This is why I decided to apply the idea of using AR to make information about being safe in the ocean readily available. Making it easy for people to understand the water, where there is dangerous water, where there are rocks or warming about poisonous animals living in the area. Plus where is safe to be and interesting information about the area like history/shops etc.


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Designing an intro scene + interactive scene in Ottifox. Upload to Glitch, embed to website + test in head-mounted display.

Intro scene - Instructional video

Untitled_Artwork 84.jpg

Interactive scene - Instructional video

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Education for everyone - 

One of the world's wicked problems being education for all. VR could combat that - if children were entered into classrooms in the digital world not only could people be educated alongside an international community and therefore spread cultural understanding. But it could make education available to those who were not able to physically attend such as women in Sudan/Afghanistan. The idea has the potential to share, educated and integrate our world. The way out of poverty is not a rich person donating money but a way for people born in a less fortunate place/position to have assess to education. It is in part why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Education is key. This would give people assess to education. Even with in the same country problems are different from the north to the south..if people were educated together so many problems could be solved. 

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Context for user:

This VR would be used while walking in the physical world in any environment that has vegetation, such as a city park or space in the countryside. The user would be able to enter the program through the intro scene depending on what they would like to forage for. The program would then be able to identify the plants, mushrooms, seaweed ect. The user would walk around and be able to find knowledge for food, medicine etc in the environments around them. 

Intro scene 

Interactive scene 


While writing about this project I felt like I got carried away with learning about Ottifox/Glitch/VR/AR by experimenting with lots of movement and model. I feel like the end result doesn't really represent how I wanted the project to work. 

So I have added this very basic scene - it needs a lot of development but it is a better prototype for the voice of the Digital Tribal Knowledge project.


Embedded - I'm still working on being able to make the pieces of information change from 0 opacity to 1 opacity when the mushroom is clicked as in the instructional video