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Augmented Reality - SOCORRO

The brief was to design, develop & test a SOCORRO AR web-based application. The application needed to involve animated 3D assets and will use image recognition rather than QR code where possible. The AR application needed to be delivered as an online accessible resource and will be user tested before final delivery.

The SOCORRO AR will involve animated sequences of 3D objects, and visually illustrate the risks behind untreated corrosion. 

Virtual Reality - PITTING

18-month contract as an Immersive Experience Designer for Intreeg2Seas, an area of the EU that funds sustainable future projects. The brief was to communicate data-based methods of extending the lifespan of steel used in sustainable energy at sea, such as wind farms, through blended realities. I was tasked with creating a 5 exhibit immersive exhibition which included the use of VR with scent. The exhibition was shown in Venice, Antwerp, Kent, London and The Hague. The VR experience shown to the left, took the audience through the process of microbial corrosion, before being led underneath sinking boats and past falling corroded steel towers. I was one in a team of 4. 

Augmented Reality - PLACE A PROTEST

Place a Protest is an online tool that allows the user to place a piece of web-based location Augmented Reality anywhere in the real world for the purpose of protest. Place a Protest is a platform that allows users to create a Protest by locating a piece of AR and 

enabling other protest participants to also place digital 

object in the same location.


This brief, set by the Sex Postive Movement, seeks to challenge cultural attitudes and norms around sex. I explored the 

possibility of physical adaptation for sexual pleasure. My work started by looking at how our sex lives have changed with the 

accessibility of pornography. I wanted the latex gloves to be strange but arousing. I wanted them to provoke conversation about sex and our bodies. Inspired by human hackers, who physically adapt their bodies with technology in the pursuit of enhancement. I decided to morph my own hand into a design for pleasure.

Martha Pryke - WEB Portfolio 2022 12.jpg

Digital Tribal Knowledge was aimed at the New York City 

foraging crowd. This AR Application is a modern method of 

storytelling, passing down knowledge from our ancestors 

traditionally communicated through word of mouth. As society and technology develop, tribal knowledge such as Foraging for food is lost. The Application is used to provide information such as wild seasonal produce, recipes and food safety.

Prop making.jpg
Art Direction/Magazine design - GOTHIC

This brief was to direct the first issue of their quarterly magazine It's aim was to be produced as a catalog of Drink Factory's work. This issue was based on Gothic culture and included 19 projects with clients over that year. They ranged from chefs and scientists to alchemists and designers.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 20.57.24.png
AR face filter - MASKS FOR UNITY

With now over 10.2k followers on Instagram, Mask for Unity initially was a collaboration of 12 Augmented Reality and Motion Graphics students at The School of Visual Arts, New York. This has grown to include a huge amount of creatives wanting to create a face filter in order to unite against racism. This was developed after heightened experiences during the covid pandemic. 

Martha Pryke - Portfolio 2022 (DRAFT) copy3.jpg
Augmented Reality - MODERN LANGUAGE

This project looks at writing by hand. I’m incredibly excited by technology - but I recognize the loss in physicality for humans. For this project, I explored handwriting in computer languages. I hand-drew QR codes and screen-printed them. I linked the QR codes to web-based AR, so a scanned 3D message would overlay the paintings. The paintings were used on products such as trainers with AR messages. 

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 14.03.18.png

The world is moving into digital spaces whether people like it or not. My role as a designer is to think about how this movement in human behavior can benefit society. ‘Disobedient Spaces’ serves as an extension to my augmented protest tool ‘Place a Protest’. I created 4 VR spaces exploring ideas for future activist social environments. The spaces are designed for Community, Knowledge, Empathy, and Action.

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