Assignment 1

Review of VR/AR


"The first assistant for drawing using augmented reality powered by AI. SketchAR is a mobile app for teaching drawing using augmented reality, machine learning, and neural networks. 


The app puts virtual images on a paper/wall to let you trace drawings from your phone.  


To paint on a wall you need to use smartphones with ARKit and ARCore."-

The Good

I choose the app because I like the idea of fusing Art, Tech, education, and entertainment. The user interface was easy to understand and clearly explained the purpose of the app. I can see the use for painting larger scale images and i also really enjoyed how the AR integrated with the physical work and produced physical work. I'm really interested by technology that moves back and forth through physical and digital creating a whole new hybrid area. 


The Bad

It was hard to keep the phone still when drawing. It was also hard to look at the screen and understand the paper at the same time. If the idea is to trace the image then the image needs to be still - however, I think using the eyewear kit suggested would help. I'm also not convinced by the application of AR. If feels an unnecessary fabrication of tracing paper or a projector.




'Paint Space lets you draw in the air with all sorts of brushes and colors. You can insert photos from your device and place them anywhere in the real world. Add special effects like snow, rain, and fireworks to help bring your creations to life. After you are done, you can screenshot your creation to share with others. Create an art piece, annotate the real world, hang pictures before you print them, doodle on your car, make the ultimate Instagram post, and more! The only limit is your imagination.' -

The Good -

I thought it would be interesting to review another art-based AR app in order to compare. I much preferred this app. The UI was as simple as the first, easy to understand. I enjoyed the freedom this app allowed and could imagine after spending a while playing with it could create interesting ways to use it. There was also a larger range of tools to play with. I was impressed by how much you could move around the marks you had made and see it from most angels

The Bad

There could be more options to be able to manipulate the mark made after it is there, for example, to rub out or mold it. I feel like this is very basic but has so much potential  

Martha Pryke - Communication Design