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40 Hours - all bags
40 Hours - all bags
40 Hours - Collecting water
40 Hours - Collecting Water
Bags hung up
40 Hours - Water
40 Hours - Hour 39



The co-existence of Present, Past and Future. There is no flow of time. The past does not flow forward into the present and the present does not flow forward into the future. They all ex- sit as one, all of the time, in a block of spacetime. This manifesto

explores the human relationship with time. Exploring the theory of time by co-existing in my own past, present and future.

I spent a continuous 40 hours reliving 40 memories each over an hour. I walked 10 minutes to the sea, collected water in the bag I the marked with the memory, walked back, hung the bag and pierced the bag so the water would run out for one hour. When the water had finished leaving the bag I repeated the exercise. All the time living in the momory. Co-exsiting in my past,. present and future.

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